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About Rosalba


Rosalba Dominguez, a resident of one of Murray's historic neighborhoods, currently serves as Murray City Council Member for District Three. A lifelong Utah resident, she draws on her experience as a business entrepreneur and community advocate to collaborate with constituents in maintaining Murray as a vibrant place to live, work, and play.


During her tenure, she spearheaded a citywide survey on future downtown developments, promoting smart growth and land use policies. Her time on the City Council has prepared her to represent House District 35, where she aims to be a voice for cities, healthcare, women's rights, working families, our youth, multi-generational families, and those striving to purchase their first homes.


Rosalba's resilience, dedication, and genuine concern for the well-being of Murray residents have made a positive and lasting impact. Residents of Taylorsville and Millcreek will find her approachable and effective in representing them in House District 35. Her collaborative and proactive approach underscores her commitment to ensuring that House District 35 is a place where everyone can have a voice on capitol hill. 

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